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Name:Sawyer Robert Bennett
Birthdate:Mar 9
Sawyer Bennett was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to Savannah at the age of three with his family. He grew up in a small neighborhood in Savannah that always felt like the small town feel, even if it was part of a much bigger city. Growing up, his closest friend was Len Duval, who was two years his senior, but they bonded just the same. The truth was that both of them were gay, but in the backward thinking world of the south, it was something they kept under wraps... even to themselves. Still, as they grew up together, they shared a special connection. There was very little they didn't know about each other, and though they never officially came out, they shared a night together when Sawyer was 17 and Len 19. They weren't willing to admit, even to each other, that they were gay, so they swore that what happened could never happen again. They needed to be "normal." Both started dating girls, and less than a year later, Len was married with a kid on the way, and Sawyer had joined the Marines and left town.

Sawyer's plans were to stay in the military until he could retire, and to settle down and have a family. He was going to put all thoughts of Len behind him, find a woman, and start a family of his own as was expected. He met and settled down with a sweetheart named Georgie. The two of them got to know each other as friends first, not long after Sawyer returned from his first tour of duty with a brief deployment in Iraq during Operation Desert Fox. The two of them grew very close, and eventually ended up in a relationship, moving in together.

It was only a few years into things when Georgie became pregnant with Sawyer's son. Sawyer had always told Len that he wanted a son named Finlay some day, and he knew that Len had, as he said, had a son named Zoran. It was important to him, and felt like the last thing he could share with the only person he'd ever been in love with. Finlay was born, and for a while, Sawyer loved being a father. Until he was once again deployed, this time to Afghanistan not long after 9/11, when his son was only a few months old.

This time, Sawyer was injured when a roadside bomb took out the Humvee he was driving, takinging his leg, and very nearly his life. And when he came back home, he was so changed that he and Georgie mutually decided it was best for him to take time away to heal and let her raise Finlay. And in the meantime, he's come to the realization that he can't live his life as a lie anymore. He's gay, and he can't live his life under wraps when he came so damn close to losing it.

He's spent years now working through the PTSD and physical therapy, and he's stayed in contact with Georgie, though he doesn't want to push his way into Fin's life until he feels that he's going to be able to be a consistent parent to him. However, the time to work through it is running out, as Georgie has asked him to have Fin come stay with him for a while after he was caught doing drugs at the not-so-tender age of sixteen. Complete with a court order, there's little choice in the matter but to move forward with having his son come to New York. Sawyer's scared to death, but he's hopeful of being able to forge a relationship with his son.

ooc: sawyer bennett is a fictional character, original to the writer. all of his story and writings are the property of the creator. pb is alex minsky, who belongs to himself.

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